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Things I Like

This is just a few links to things that I like

Open Source


I used this for my handheld GPS and most of my mapping needs. I find it to be very acculturate and up to date and when I find something missing I add it myself.


FreeBSD is definitely my Operating system of choice and has been for 10 years or more. It just works and is rock stable. Nothing has ever broken on me with updates unless I didn’t read UPDATING. I use it for my desktop at home and my hosting. I first read about it in the 90s but I didn’t have the courage to give it a shot. I really like that it’s a complete operating system yet the ports are separated from the base. I do wish I had the skills to contribute code or to ports.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s encrypt makes it nice to be able to generate certifcates so I can make all my webstuff https


I’d used Apache for quite a while then switched to Nginx to try something different. It took a bit to get used to the configuration files but now they make a little more sense to me. I may try OpenBSD’s http server eventually though.


Hacker News

Hacker News posts lots of interesting things with lots of insightful discussions. It’s all technology related stuff.

Computer and tech


I use a Mikrotik router. Right now It’s the hap AC and to be honest it’s rock stable and just works. Before that we used a RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN and that was rock stable and just worked. The only reason we did upgrade was to use 5ghz WiFi. These won’t stop working after a year like the overpriced consumer crap you can get.

This site, is full of so many old gems that would have been probably lost had he not made the sight.