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Nothing in the world beats being outside enjoying nature and fresh air. Here will be some info on places to go.

Mount Joy Pennsylvania

Lancaster County Conservancy

We first became familiar with Lancaster County Conservancy through geocaching. They’d hidden a cople of caches on their properties. A couple of years later They had us hide some for an event they had and we also did a few CITOs for them. Most recently when a property sale stopped people from using a park that was owned by PPL the conservancy was quick to speed up their plans to acquire that land so people could enjoy it again.

Clarence Schock Memorial Park at Governor Dick

Governer Dick is just an awesome park. Very busy up towards the tower but some of the other trails are much quieter save an occasional mountain biker or hiker. There lots of nice geocaches there too. One of Pennsylvania’s oldest caches is there along with Raiders of the lost cache which is one of the most favorited geocaches in Pennsylvania. Great place to go make a day of it and spend time in the woods.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy

We’re fortunate to live close enough that we can go for a nice hike on on the Appalachian Trail. When I was a kid I dreamed of hiking the whole train from Georgia to Maine but that’s unrealistic. I do love a nice day hike on it though. It’s a shame they banned geocaches because they usually highlighted neat places or side trails.

Horse-Shoe Trail “Horse-Shoe Trail

We’re very lucky to live so close to the Horse Shoe Trail. We’ve hiked probably most of it in Lancaster county and found caches in the gamelands and such along side of it. It really is a nicely maintained and well marked trail! Looking forward to exploring the further east section that go through the more historical areas.

Northwest Lancaster County River Trail

Really nice trail along the Susquehanna river. It’s very busy because it’s mostly paved and a lot of bikers. There are so many cool things to see along it like the remnants of old furnaces and stuff like that and a tunnel that was blasted through the rocks in Chiques hill. It’s also cool to see trains passing by on the active rail line that passes along it or them crossing the Susquehanna on the neat old bridge.