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Online Shopping

Being visually impaired and not driving being able to shop online is just 100% convenient for me not to mention the few times I’m looking for something in an actual brick and morter store they don’t have the specific thing I want.


When I need cables for something or little things like that and don’t need them with Prime shipping Monoprice is my go to place. They’re cheap and I can say I’ve personally never had a problem with anything I have ordered from their store.


I made my first purchase from Newegg in 2002 and occasionally ordered stuff from them ever since. never have had any problems. If I need components for the computer or something like that I tend to check here first. They have everything. My only annoyance with them is having to filter out the non Newegg sellers.


Ever since I switched from using Vonage to prepaid cell phones I’ve bought my phones off of Swappa. No way in hell would I want to pay what a new one costs. I get to pick exactly what I want here and have very good luck with the ones I’ve ordered.


Discogs is my favorite place to buy cds. Great way to find copies of out of print and uncommon metal cds which really has been my preferred music for the past few years. It’s really just people or businesses selling them but I’ve never had any bad experiences with orders