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Fitness Things I Like

When I was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer I became more aware of my health and taking the best care of myself that I can. I can’t control what that syndrome does but fitness is an aspect of my life I can control



Concept2 makes rowing machines. Evil little rowing machines that a great for cardio. You can make it as hard as you want. You can’t break the rowers but they can make you feel broken. I’m love to hate rowing.

They have an online logbook you can use to keep track of your rowing and compare yourself to others. here’s my profile Carl Horger . The rowing machine really is probably my best choice for pure cardio. I can run bu t there are so many visual variable that I can’t control. Running the the alley I have to dodge traffic. Going to the trail I’d have the possibility of running over someone else just trying to enjoy the trail too in the back of my mind.

Christian’s Fitness Factory

Christian’s Fitness Factory is a local store located in Lancaster that makes and sells all sorts of Fitness equipment. Their stuff isn’t always the best but it’s cheap and we can go get it and have it at our house today.

Rogue Fitness

Rogue’s stuff isn’t the cheapest but a lot of this stuff you buy once and keep forever. I’ve seen stuff made by them get abused at the gym and holds up fine so if we can afford it we’ll have their stuff for our garage gym.

Kettlebell Kings

I needed a 32kg kettlebell and we went to usual place but they didn’t have any with the type of handles I wanted so I went to google and found these. The 32kg was on sale when I searched because they had a new version coming out but the old one was good enough for me. Free shipping is nice for heavy things like this too!

Love the coating on them. I’ve not needed chalk yet.

Brute Force

It’s pretty expensive for what it is but the sandbag we got from them over the summer seems to be basically indestructible. I chose this one because it seemed highly rated, was available from Amazon Prime (didn’t want to wait) and has I believe a 3 year warranty. It turns out that sandbag workouts are lots of fun.

Street Parking Daily Programming

After we decided to quit Trinium I did some WODS on my own but when you do that you tend to cherry pick the types of movements you like, for example not running. Molly had heard about this program and I remembered seeing a former coach posting about it. For the price it was worth a try and so far it’s been good to us. They usually give 3 options for WODs depending on the equipment you have available to you. They also offer varies scales for the movements. I like that there’s not a punishment scale for double unders!

GymNext Flex Timer

As we were slowly putting our garage gym together we were on the lookout for a good timer. Sure we could have used an app or something but that’s not as convenient. Molly came across gymnext and ordered one. It does everything you could want it to do. It uses an android app to control it and that makes it easy to set odd rounds and stuff like that. There’s no remote to lose!