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When I was a small child my aunt bought us an Atari 2600. Just like any other kid I liked playing the games but I would get hung up on wondering how it works. What makes it know what to show and what sounds to play? There wasn’t much information out there then and unfortunately not really anything accessable to an elementary school kid.

A little bit later in school there was an apple computer in the classroom and we got to use the logo thing which was interesting but again I needed to know how it worked. I really wish I would have had a computer of my own at that time to explore. I was afraid I’d get into trouble.

Eventually my dad bought a commodore 64 from some guy at the baseball field. It included lots of games of coure but then there were lots of disks of loadstar included. There were some awesome articles in there explaining how things worked and such. I remember reading about C and machine language but didn’t know where to aquire and assembler or C compiler back then. When we’d bought the computer it was outdated.

I did some stuff with BASIC but nothing too exciting. I really wanted to learn assembly langue to understand how it works and how the computer works. How does a series of bits become anything useful. When I was a kid I couldn’t wrap my brains around it