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A Little About Me

I was born legally blind and have had several cornea transplants which did improve my vision some but ultimately the grafts failed and after the last one I decided to appreciate what I have and don’t chase what is unlikely to happen and possibly taking a limited donor corneas away from some that might have better luck.

From the time I was little I’ve had a sick fascination with weather. Actually it’s more of an obsession to tell you the truth. I wanted to be a meteorologist but then reality told me when I got older that I would have a lot of trouble seeing the charts and stuff. Still I love learning about it as a hobby. I particularly love watching and tracking winter storms. Nothing beats watching the radar blossom over the Carolinas as a storm moves up the east coast.

Growing up I spent lots of time at the mountains near Hazleton Pennsylvania. 8 Bees. It was always fun exploring and riding around the old Green Mountain

Coffee. I love coffee. Coffee is life. The only thing better than smelling freshly ground and brewed coffee is drinking it. Kona has the best smell of all I think

I have a rare disease caused by genetic mutation that causes MTC among other things.